Testimonials from our lovely clients

Mark Dobrilovic, AAMS, FGRR.com

 "I have know and done business with Viviana for almost 7 years.

She is very well organized, very personable and has a keen eye for detail. Nothing gets past her! As a Financial Advisor and an Enrolled Agent I never hesitate to refer her to my clients."

Jason Shaeffer, Owner E-Cig City

 Laguna Numbers is great! I met Viviana over two years ago, and she has been a godsend. She is like the little angel on your shoulder always reminding you what you should and shouldn't do.

There are so many sensitive areas where care must be taken in reporting business income and expenses. Many have the potential of being mishandled which could create problems at tax reporting time.

This is my first business, previously I worked in the manufacturing field, and I had no idea about them when I met Viviana, but she pointed out what I needed to do and help me keep my books in order. Not only I got a great bookkeeper, but she freely provides me with advice based on her extensive experience in business.

Karen Rabin, PhD

 "Viviana Schulman has been my bookkeeper for three years. She has helped with paying my bills on time, money management, Quicken computer accounting, preparation of my P/L for income taxes and management of my bank accounts. 

Viviana has been very helpful and got me on the right track. I do not know what I would have done without her help.  I recommend her for any bookkeeping services. "

Maxine H., Global Graphics

 Viviana of Laguna Numbers has been very effective in helping with my QuickBooks. The QB which I had used was very old, as was my computer, so I was better off to set-up new books. She did that for me, explaining clearly what items were appropriate, and eliminating those which were not needed. She is exceptionally patient, and I have confidence to use her for all posting and bank reconciliation and to ask her any questions. Her good sense of humor got me though a task which I dreaded.

Audrey S.

 "When my sister was put into "board and care", I became her Trustee and as such I was left with a monumental amount of boxes and drawers stuffed with papers- I started to go through them and then realized I would never make it.

Someone gave me Laguna Numbers (Viviana's) phone number and I made an appointment and she tackled the boxes one by one and worked with me. I didn't even know what to save. but after a few meetings each box was tackled, and every drawer was emptied. Everything we didn't need was shredded and all the remaining was a few pertinent things- Viviana even separated what the accountant would need for taxes. The transition was smooth and saved me from a nervous breakdown.

Hiring Viviana was the best way to get a difficult job done. I decided to have Laguna Numbers be my bookkeeper to track monthly expenses and bills, and maintain the checkbook It's working well"

Mary W., Property Management

 "Viviana Schulman of Laguna Numbers Bookkeeping Services has been my bookkeeper since early 2010. I manage rental property that we own, and my bank had been taken over.  The online banking system with the new bank was completely different and very, very difficult to set up.  I had been struggling trying to do it myself but was in a real mess.


Viviana had been recommended to me and she has been nothing but a pleasure to work with and I have continued to use her for my bookkeeping and to help me prepare reports for my CPA this year when it was Income Tax time.  It has really taken a load off of my shoulder."

Sue M.

 Viviana Schulman was my father’s bookkeeper for several years.  When he passed away rather suddenly, Viviana was incredibly helpful in settling his affairs.  She did everything from notifying banks and sorting through old files to providing emotional support. 

Additionally, she facilitated the sale of various property over the next several months.  I live out of state, and without her help I don’t know how settling my father’s estate would have been possible."

James P. Larsen, CPA, MS(Tax), Alexander Alvarez & Company

 "We have been working with Laguna Numbers Bookkeeping on a mutual client for about a year now and we are very happy. It is the first time we have felt that the Bookkeeper is really on top of things, keeping the records up to date, and more importantly ensuring their accuracy. I would have no hesitation referring Laguna Numbers to anyone who is looking for a competent and efficient bookkeeping service."

Evan Spencer, Pamorris.com

 I’ve had the pleasure of working with Viviana and Laguna Numbers Bookkeeping service for over 3 years now.  I’ve been so happy with the service that I use it for all 4 of my companies.  As for Viviana herself, she is incredibly diligent in her work, has great communication skills, and is a ton of fun to talk to.  My books are always done on time every month and trust me, she’ll make sure you stay organized to do so.  Overall, I would recommend Viviana and her company to anyone looking for an amazing bookkeeper and partner in your company’s success.

Tony Tran, VP Thato International LLC

 Thato International has been using Laguna Bookkeeping Services since 2014, and we couldn’t be any happier with its services. Viviana is always on top of her work - organized, seamless processing of bookkeeping, and excellent service overall! I would not hesitate recommending Viviana to others. Thank you for the continuous help and support, Viviana!