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About Me

I started my professional life as a Linguistics Professor and worked as an adjunct Professor of Spanish at Passaic Community College in Passaic, New Jersey.

In 1979, I left academia for the business world, and joined a property management company in New York City.  Once I became experienced in the field, I opened my own Property Investments and Management Company, doing syndications, purchases and sales of commercial and residential buildings, mostly in Manhattan.  Because of my hands- on management style, I learned to keep very accurate books for all our ventures.  One of the conditions of my syndications was that I would not only be a partner but also the management company. All the monies the investors put in the various ventures were based on my business plans and my ideas about how to make them profitable.

After 20+ years in the property management field, I decided it was time for career #3, and because of my experience in bookkeeping I decided to open my own bookkeeping practice.

Laguna Numbers has been growing nicely since 2001.  I work very closely with my clients’ accountants and am always available to him/her for any questions or needs relating to my clients’ books.  

It can be overwhelming to run a business successfully and to keep on top of expenses. Once you become our client, with one quick look at your books, you will see the whole picture!

We can go to your office and pick up the work, completing it at our office.  Nowadays most work is done remotely. Laguna Numbers subscribes to an encrypted, safeguarded and completely secure service which you also can access. We work very closely with your accountant or tax-preparer. We complete our assignments even under short notice.


Because of our prior business experience (Property Management in Manhattan) we have a much broader view of business structure than ‘just’ being a bookkeeper. Thus, the goal is to help clients understand their P/L’s and point out problems between Income and Expenses.

We take the stress away so that you can attend to your clients' needs. You get PEACE OF MIND.


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” -Eleanor Roosevelt